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There are 3 packages

As usual there are currently only 3 packages... Bronze, Silver and of course GOLD.

I'm not going to ramble and take you through some useless sales pitch that everyone else does as it is a waste of everyones time. Make sure however you understand the extreme value you are getting from this.


We have been working very hard lately internally and it is very exciting times here at Sites n Stores.

I personally have been to the USA about 15 times in the last 18 months to start pulling together all of the best knowledge I can find.

Its been exhiliarating to not only start learning again but to also learn from the best of in the USA in terms of everything and anything relating to Small Business I could find.

I love learning and will continue forever I have about 10 more trips planned over the next 12months also... busy busy busy. I look forward to passing on that knowledge over the coming years.

We want to create an even playing ground for small business

My reasons are clear to me and my team. In a nutshell it has a lot to do with creating an even playing field for Small Business owners competing against big business.

I want small business to access big business techniques at a miniscule cost. More profit means more freedom for small business owners. More freedom means more time with loved ones especially your children, for those of you that have them.

Children need all the time and love they can get. This is my small way of giving back as much as I can for a better future world.

I never got as much time as I deserved as a child and it is my personal mission to facilitate this for as many children as I can.

Anyway. That's enough of the emotion stuff. Lets get on with the business.


Please watch the three videos below if and when you have time. I hope it helps you to get to know us a little and what drives us. Please email me and let me know what you think. We are always open for feedback.

The third one you may have seen already. It's brand new but has been around about for a few weeks now.

The first and second ones are Brand New. World Premieres!!

The big one is 12 minutes, the other two are 2 minutes and 45 seconds respectively.

I reckon some great work has been done by the team here at Sites n Stores.


So now you have met a few of the team and have heard and seen ever so succinctly some talk on what we are about... I am ready to offer you what we have been talking about for a couple of days.

Just know I am doing this to get us going on the right foot (again) if you'd lost some trust in us at any point in time.

I fully intend to be upholding all of our values over the coming years but please be patient with us as we strive to do this. As you know sometimes its challenging as a business owner and will take a little time for all here at Sites n Stores to embody all Values.


My goal is to absolutely genuine. I want all of you earning $1Million profit per annum.

Obviously that is completely your responsibility and not all may be capable but everything we do will be about furthering you on that journey. We will give and do as much as we can. ALWAYS.

As we get to know each other over the coming years I am fully expecting some joyful moments.

Please make sure you always email and call us and let us know everything and anything you are needing help with or knowledge and we will do our best to help out.


It is Sites n Stores brand NEW Service which is perfect for the time-limited business owner. It takes the pressure off YOU and puts it a little on our shoulders.

Essentially what it means is that your website updates become our responsibility.

This will save you a huge amount of time and effort, letting you get back to running your business.

What exactly does this involve?

Here’s the deal. We will upload any content you want, create new pages, add data, and make practically any simple styling or content changes you want.

There are some limitations to the changes we’ll make, which we’ll get to in a second. We also won’t able to make it so that your website has x-ray vision or can grow wings and fly. Sorry – we’re awesome at what we do, but we’re not wizards.

But there’s a lot of freedom in this package, and the list of changes it allows you to make, as you’ll see in a moment, is pretty comprehensive.

Our Unlimited Changes package will transform the way you think about content management, and is designed to simplify and de-stress your website experience in the long-term.

It is absolutely necessary for a successful business to update and maintain your website

A pretty common misconception is that once your website is live, there's nothing left for you to actually do. You can just let it do its thing, and sales will just pour in, right?

A world of wrong.

It's essential to the health of your business that your website is regularly maintained.

This might translate to updating it with new images of your products or services.

It might mean adding in extra pages of content – blog posts, for example.

Perhaps new things have been happening at your business, and you want to tell your customers about it.

Or it might be about changing important information, like your prices, contact information, or location.

Regardless, your website needs to be constantly evolving. Like your business, your website is a living, breathing entity.

Your website needs to reflect who you are, and where your business is in real time.

Why the need for regular updates?

Well, there are a number of very compelling reasons why you should be updating your site on a regular basis.

The first is a no-brainer.

Your information needs to be current so that, for example, people don't try to contact you via a phone number that no longer exists. That sort of thing. Self-explanatory, no?

Some more, perhaps less obvious reasons:

1. You need to appear active, current and engaged.

  • This is crucial for driving sales.
  • It inspires trust and credibility. It makes you look busy and successful.
  • Think about it: it's hard to trust a business that looks like it's just sitting around, doing nothing.
  • Would you trust a business that looks like it hasn't changed in five years?
  • Neither would we.

2. Get people excited about new developments

  • Maybe changes are afoot at your business.
  • Maybe you just finished a new project.
  • Perhaps you're launching a new product or event.
  • You're wasting a perfect promotional opportunity in not telling people about it.

3. Google loves new content.

  • There are all kinds of positive search engine implications for regularly updating your website.
  • Google's algorithm ranks fresh content favourably.
  • Fresh content also increases your authority potential in Google's eyes.

4. Keep current subscribers and customers updated.

  • It's also vital to provide necessary information for new visitors in order to convert them into customers.
  • Generally speaking, this is part of the reason why your site exists in the first place, right?

So it's clear that regular updates are essential...

But maybe you simply don't have the time to upload the content or to master your website's CMS.

We get that. Website maintenance can be hugely time-consuming, and you need to be able to devote as much time as possible to actually running your business.

It can also be complicated, even with a CMS.

Sometimes, it's just simpler and less stressful to put some things in the hands of an expert.

It's going to save you a heap of time, and make regular website updates absolutely effortless on your end.

How does the unlimited changes work? Is there a flat rate?

We understand that every business – and every website – is different.

We're all about tailoring our products to the unique requirements and objectives of individual business owners.

That's why we've structured Unlimited Changes so that it's available in three different levels to suit a range of different small and medium-sized business needs.

Generally speaking, the more regularly you need to make changes, the higher level package you should consider choosing.

Here's the deal, in a nutshell.

You'll send all changes through to us via email.

The higher the package level, the more emails you'll be able to send during that four week period.

But no matter what package level you choose, each email can include an unlimited amount of changes.

That's right. Each email can include however many changes you need.

Here's how the packages are broken down.

BRONZE – For a business that wants to stay current

$147 + GST / 4 WEEKS

Bronze - $147 (+GST) / 4 weeks

For a business that wants to stay current

We recommend our Bronze package for businesses that only need to make one set of changes every month.

Your business might therefore be a part-time venture, or just starting out.

At this level, you'll be able to send one email detailing all your changes per four week period.

In that email, you can include all changes included in the Unlimited Changes package, and the email can be as long as you like.

This package level offers amazing value, providing a vast amount of flexibility and freedom for an extremely competitive price.

Save up all your needed changes over a month and put them into one email.

SILVER – For a busy business – BEST BEST BEST VALUE

$297 + GST / 4 WEEKS

Silver - $297 (+GST) / 4 weeks

For a busy business

Our Silver Unlimited Changes package is designed for a bustling business that needs to be frequently providing customers with news and business updates.

The silver package lets you send three emails over a four week period.

These emails can be sent out as closely together or as far apart as you like within that four week period, and can include all the changes you need.

Is your business competitive and busy? Is free time as mythical to you as the unicorn? This package is for you.

GOLD – For An Engaged Business – GREAT VALUE

$397 + GST / 4 WEEKS

Gold - $397 (+ GST) / 4 weeks

For an engaged business

Does your website need to be on the ball with new content, additional pages and images that are updated weekly?

You'll be needing our Gold package, then.

Our Unlimited Changes gold package is serious stuff, letting you send four emails over each four week period, detailing all the changes you need.

Each email can include all the changes you want. Save up your changes once a week and send them through.

So, what kinds of changes can you make?

With Unlimited Changes, you can make a host of different changes to all elements of your site, including images, content, and contact information.

But let's get more specific.

Here are the features are that included with Unlimited Changes:

  • Additional pages
  • Logo change (not logo design)
  • Site colour change
  • Change / update phone number
  • Change / update email address
  • Change / update postal or shipping addresses
  • Editing menu bar (rearrange page order)
  • Adding page drop-down menu options
  • Changing / updating content
  • Content restructure
  • Change images (images to be supplied by you)
  • Change image slider images (images to be supplied by you)
  • Adding / changing background image (images to be supplied by you)
  • Adding / changing images to galleries (images to be supplied by you)
  • Adding additional gallery (if module installed, images to be supplied by you)
  • Add / change social media icons
  • Change social media icon colours
  • Adding / changing location(s) on a location map
  • Adding additional fields to a contact form (max of 3 per month)
  • Adding tracking codes (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc.)

Where's the catch?

There has to be one, right? These price points are too reasonable, no?

Well, no. Honestly, what you see is what you get.

We make no bones about the fact that this package doesn't include absolutely everything under the sun.

In fact, to make things crystal clear so you know exactly what you're getting, here's a list of some changes that aren't covered with this package.

Changes not included:

  • Product uploads
  • Layout structure changes
  • Site redesign
  • New / order forms
  • Making the site responsive
  • Changing software
  • Additional modules

These kinds of changes aren't included in this package because they involve complex, time-consuming work that exceeds the breadth of the kind of updates Unlimited Changes is intended to help you with.

If you need changes like these, these features can be quoted on an ad hoc basis by our Online Development Team.

How many hours do you spend every week editing your website?

  • 1?
  • 2?
  • 5?
  • More?

Well hopefully it's not more than five, but even two hours a week is two too many to be spending managing your website. I'm sure you could be doing a lot more for your business working in it, or on it, than on the website.

I'm a business owner and I know that when I'm working on my business I can get a lot done. Even an hour of time to focus on actually building my business is enough to genuinely make a difference and come up with potentially great ideas.

I created Sites n Stores to help grow Australian small and medium businesses, and I think we've done a pretty good job, don't you agree? I want you to grow too.


Unlimited Changes will make things so simple for you. Depending on your package level you can send a certain number of Unlimited Changes emails every 28 days and all of the changes in those emails will be made to your website.

Whats included in the Unlimited Changes email. Short answer ANYTHING!

In every unlimited changes email you can request as many of the included website changes as you like……

  • Add as many photos as you like
  • As many extra pages
  • Change basic styling as much as you want... etc... etc... etc

As long as its in the one email it all counts.!


We've introduced three different Unlimited Changes packages.

All of them include an unlimited number of changes; the difference is the number of emails you can send.

The reason we've created these three options is to cater for businesses that need more regular changes.

If you're business only has a few updates every month, then you probably only need one email. But, if you're adding several blog posts a week and trying to track your digital marketing, then you'll probably need more.

If you're unsure what package will suit you, Click Here. We can talk through what you are looking to regularly change and how often, and from there work out what will suit you best.

All our packages are amazing value for money, and I really mean that. Depending on how many changes you send us each month, you'll either be saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Not to mention all the time you'll be saving by not doing it yourself

So that's our pitch

If you can see the benefit of our Unlimited Changes Packages then press BUY NOW below AND SAVE!


Only $147 (+GST) / 4 weeks


Only $297 (+GST) / 4 weeks


Only $397 (+GST) / 4 weeks

The Unlimiteds by Sites n Stores